Are you tired of losing customers because they have to wait too long? Are you tired of handling multiple orders on your own? 

The team at RestroX has come up with an innovative new platform that gives you a complete digital solution. We will help you engage with customers and turn more tables to get the most out of your day while increasing margins. Gone are the days of standing in line to pay for your food. Mobile ordering is here and now, and it’s quickly becoming a staple of the restaurant industry. Get ahead of this trend by adding mobile order and pay today with RestroX, which gives customers a convenient way to place their order and pay for it before they even get to your restaurant.

With RestroX Mobile Order and Pay, restaurants can offer better service that makes orders more accurate, cuts down on wait times, and speeds up the flow of customers. RestroX connects directly to the restaurant’s point-of-sale system, so customers can order food or beverages from their phone apps. RestroX brings together the best parts of online ordering and in-store pickup in real time, without the hassles of traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems. Mobile ordering is more efficient for customers and profitable for restaurants. It saves time, improves customer satisfaction, and increases incremental sales by 40% or more.

RestroX is the best way for customers to order and pay at restaurants using their phones. This improves customers’ perceptions of the restaurant’s brand. With a free QR digital menu, staff, inventory management, and customer insights like never before, RestroX improves business intelligence and profits. As a result, our restaurant partners can stay focused on what matters most: their customers. RestroX offers a simple, elegant way for restaurants to engage with their customers. Using our powerful mobile ordering and payment platform, you’ll get in on the action and start turning more tables. We hope to give you the ability to take your restaurant to the next level by offering your customers a great experience from beginning to end, all with one simple app. It’s fast, easy, and convenient for everyone!

RestroX is a technology company for restaurants that is focused on making life easier for both restaurants and their valued customers. Our platforms are simple, elegant, and easy for restaurant owners to understand, even if they don’t live in Silicon Valley. We will be by your side each step of the way on our journey toward success.