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Billing & Subscription

Manage your Payment Information & Subscription.


RestroX offers two types of Subscriptions – Monthly & Annual.

Check out our Plan & Pricing here.

To use RestroX Premium Service, you need at least one payment method on file.

All RestroX Premium plans are renewed automatically by default. If you purchase a Monthly plan, the system will charge the renewal one month after the first payment is made; if your plan is Annual, the renewal will be charged 12 months after the first payment. 

The automatic renewal option can be easily canceled from your user account and no cancellation fee will be applied. 

Keep in mind that, if the automatic renewal is canceled, on the due date the premium access will be deactivated. If you then want to continue as a Premium member, you just need to purchase a premium plan again.


View payment methods on file, change the order of your payment method or update your billing information.

RestroX invoices are automatically generated within minutes after your purchase has been processed. You can download/View the invoice document from “My Subscriptions” on your Premium account, by selecting “Check billing history”.

Please note that the invoices will include your billing details along with the payment details, therefore you need to make sure that you enter the correct billing information when creating your Premium account. 

Please be aware that it is not possible to amend already issued invoices.

If you change your billing information, the invoices for the next payments will show the new information.

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